About Economic Justice Loans (EJL)

Loans to Overcome Systemic Racism & Economic Injustice

  • 3% Interest
  • Up to 15k
  • No Fees
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Historically, minority-owned businesses and startup entrepreneurs faced limited access to capital because of discrimination in lending, stolen and blocked generational wealth, and restricted access to financial education.  When financing is obtained, it is often with less favorable terms, including high interest rates and additional credit and collateral requirements.

The Economic Justice Loan program seeks to overcome these barriers by making funds available and affordable to start, grow or expand small minority-based businesses.

Economic Justice Loans are loans between $2,000 and $15,000 for small businesses or personal loans that positively impact neighborhoods. These loans will help level the economic and social playing field for marginalized communities. All borrowers receive the extraordinarily low 3% fixed interest rate and other terms are tailored to fit the needs of their business.

Applications are evaluated by a Peer Lending Committee that meets with the applicants) to review the feasibility of the proposal and its impact in the community.  The focus of this program is on the positive impact on underserved communities.


Applying for an Economic Justice Loan is easy – the process can be completed completely online through our portal. No credit score required!